An introvert is known to belong to a totally different world. They are inward turning, focused more on internal thoughts, moods, feelings, and find space for solitude. In other words, an introvert is a person who does not take part in engaging conversations or hang out with people.

Let me put this more clearly to give you a better perspective on us introverts. We tend to feel delighted when we are invited to places for socializing, yet also, the thought and the craving for the homely comfort sometimes leave us indecisive. There’s a saying that extroverts are like wired Xbox controllers that can be used for as long as you want when plugged, while introverts are like the wireless ones which can be used for a limited time and is left to charge when it’s battery drains. This gives the reason to why wireless controllers are special, I mean, why introverts are special (except me). I may not be the biggest introvert on this planet, but I must confess that I have for myself experienced how harsh it starts to get when I over-socialized with people.


Various events unfold in front of us introverts. And how we act upon them is what that starts defining us slowly.

My elder sister’s wedding was held in the second week of January. For many days all my sisters, cousins, parents, aunts, uncles and grandma were pretty excited for the big weekend. And I was the only one who had balanced emotions, for when I realized I wouldn’t be finding a fraction of solitude for 4 consecutive days!

The night before Nikah, I was hurriedly asked to rush to the hotel where my dad had booked the rooms for the groom’s family to stay. It was very impromptu to me and I did not have the knowledge of the room numbers, the headcount, the room count at all. I somehow managed everything with my paternal cousin, Saad bhaiya, and one of my maternal uncles, Sharshad uncle who helped me in showing the groom’s family in into the hotel rooms. I couldn’t have got more satisfied AND exhausted, but if it weren’t for them, I’d have died.

On the day of Nikah, everything seemed a little fine for me. The Nikah was finally done after Maghrib prayer in our locality’s mosque. Soon, the bride and the groom were supposedly expected to be in the function hall by 8 pm. But in reality, this happens 2 hours after the proposed time. There are those few people who are hardcore punctual in timing like my paternal ones whom you got to tolerate on an ultra level. Then there are those who pull you behind for photoshoot session. And then there are those who push you, persuade you, force you to do that part where you do “not let the groom get up from his chair until he gives you money”.


The overall day was extremely fun. And it was extremely tiring. Landing onto your bed at 4 am had then turned into a reward system for my brain for those 4 days. When you find peace in bed, you no longer complain anything about the day to yourself. You just find peace and that’s all.

Slowly everything began to turn into habits. More socializing, more responsibility taking, more caring. We were all set for Walima (the reception) which was one day later in Hyderabad. I happened to find more new faces, met new and old people and reunite with those who couldn’t make it to the Nikah.

And I eventually started acknowledging the enjoyment factor of teasing the groom at the function, chilling with my aunts, and laughing and commenting at the humorous scenarios. We made fun overnight, returned to our hotels, landed on our beds and still found peace at 4 am.

From the next day morning, I started to get the hang of socializing more. One day of break taken from all the stuff taken care of, at the Nikah! Traditionally in Muslim Indian weddings, there’s always too much to do especially when you are the bride’s father or only brother. But this wedding didn’t have to be the reason to ruin my peace of mind. Because it taught me that even in an introvert, human capabilities are limitless. The level of sacrifice is tested. The level of patience is tested. Your reputation, your character is tested. You tell to yourself that its easy but life WILL challenge you on an ultra level. I may not be that person who has the perfect coordination and management skills. I may not be the right person to trust sometimes due to my habit of forgetfulness. But by taking my experience and learning into account I help myself become a better family member.

Now how you take this learning as, depends on you. How you want to picture yourself from now on in front of your whole family is all on you. But my share from this blog to whosoever reading this is that you need to learn to love your fellow beings harder. Love isn’t just built from quality moments spent with them. Love isn’t just built from how good you act when you are dining with people. But it’s also built on how much you put yourself forward for your people’s comfort, no matter how intolerable they be. It’s built on how you look for the bright side in the other person. It’s built on how much optimism you add to your day.

It doesn’t matter when you are socially ambivert, introvert, or an extrovert. All I ask of you is to start loving your family and make exceptions for them. Start as soon as possible. You may never know who might leave this world sooner or later. You may never know how much you are gonna miss them in future. Only The Almighty knows when we all are going to depart. Love your family, because Family is Permanent. Alhamdulillah.

P. S. Didn’t need to express this blog with more pictures. I hope you liked reading it. Cheerio.


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