How do you feel when you stay at home doing nothing. How do you feel when you sight the same regular day just like everyday. Doesn’t it get boring, especially for a person living in a small town like me? No friends? No socializing? No nothing?

Boredom is when a person craves to be pleased, but could not find anything to please himself, no matter after he has done his assignment or just woke up from his bed. Some people, In fact, many people are conquered by boredom and their results are what that take them to places. How is that possible? If you would spare your time to read this article of mine, from my experiences you would not only learn how boredom takes you to places, but it would also teach you how to get along with boredom as a result of which it would take you to places for REAL!

From cheerful life to Boredom:

I used to be in Hyderabad during my intermediate studies. Because of living independently in a city, I was never bored. I socialized with more people. I sometimes ditched college hours with my roomies and crashed gaming zones (We were FIFA freaks). We hung out at malls and sometimes, I also went out alone to spend some “ME” time, savoured myself hours of solitude. So I was never bored at all. Besides, I once happened to lose my smartphone due to which I had to cut out social media and take a 6 months break from Instagram and Facebook. So the only sort of entertainment I had until my board exams was just food. If you know Tolichowki, you’ll understand. 🙂

I always wanted to do engineering in Hyderabad as I learnt that life outside home improves your way of living. But little did my parents know that I needed to explore more. Wish I could have voiced out, but they are PARENTS.

It has been two years since I came back to my hometown and got admitted in an Engineering college. No roomies, no FIFA enthusiasts, no more hangouts, no more 3 AM conversations and gazing at the stars, no more plannings, no more holidaying. Staying at home got me bored all this time.

So here’s how I conquered Boredom:

So one boring afternoon after college, when I was binge watching videos on YouTube, I stumbled upon this video:

Anyone watching this video would sure get astonished. When I watched this I was indeed astonished, but curious. Since boredom struck me I got the urge to check out the tutorial for the advanced method of solving the Rubik’s cube. But these advanced tutorials were so getting on my nerves, I gave up. LOL. I banged my keyboard. Moments later, boredom conquered me. Picked up my cube. LOL again. I had been oscillating to those tutorials. And through months of engulfed cubing and memorizing 100+ algorithms I managed to become a speedcuber. Boredom conquered me day and night. I researched the internet, I knew everything about the speedcubing world, the rules, the facts, the wrongs, the fails that every speedcuber goes through, the names of the famous speedcubers and record holders, how a competition looked like, the atmosphere and everything. I watched dozens of videos of such competitions of China, USA, Netherlands, Australia and specially videos of India… everyday. BUT I needed a break from home. Wanted to experience the world of speedcubing.

No speedcuber comes home with prizes or great positions at first, but would eventually do by experience.

Since then on, NEVER gave up cubing. I started to do one handed cubing, blindfold cubing and soon enough shall learn 4×4 cubes, Pyraminx and Megaminx (puzzles that are shaped according to their names) in the future sometime. I still carry on with this as not only just a hobby, but also as a passion. As a sport. As my interest. So where ever I go, I SPEEDCUBE.

But you won’t believe the kind of boredom that I’d gone through despite of that. It drew me insane. So bored that I decide to do something in college myself. Dance. Yes DANCE!! Since boredom struck me, I watched videos of MJ for numerous times until I got every dance move by myself. I used to learn them in private without anyone knowing. Just once in freshers party at college I decided to push myself. And that was the most haunting moment for me. I was confused whether I would be the entertainer or the laughing stock of the evening. Since it’s a hometown in South India, people are committed to Tollywood/Bollywood entertainment. But this one dance in front of them and there you go, your name is now everywhere!! My video went viral around on Facebook and my college campus! A little reputation grown.


To check the video, click here.

Sometimes Boredom wouldn’t want to take you to places you actually can’t reach. Because there are places that get missed if you don’t take your step. Get up and take your chances, because boredom comes everyday but the challenges you are looking for don’t.

Another skill that boredom let me to was public speaking. It wasn’t really as engulfing as the first two phases that I mentioned. But I always had the dream to speak on stage. But couldn’t find bigger challenges. Just this summer, an orator competition was held by the Toastmasters International. Since boredom struck me again, the word “Toastmasters” left me so intriguing, I researched everything about them and their history. And thanks to the main SPOC and helping him out by volunteering in my college as a campus ambassador and visiting every class introducing this competition to students, Boredom was diminished. Being a part of Master Orator Championship was fun.

Internet might help you learn the skills you desire. But from Qualifiers to Semi’s, I learnt a multiple ways how not to be an orator. Because sometimes we get to make mistakes, and that’s also because experiences teach more than the Internet does. I got to meet new orator friends. Got to know more about Toastmasters. Got to know how Toastmaster are different from people you see everyday. Most importantly, learnt to explore myself in the best way possible.

Guess what, I won the quiz competition that they held!

Learning from Boredom, and Places it took me to:

After all this, Boredom still strikes back. Just yesterday when I found my boredom time, I sat and thought, questioned myself where else boredom could take you to. I realized:

  1. Speedcubing helped me in learning about the speedcubing world. But it also taught me how to create foundations to real life plans. Look ahead of situations in real life while you are at the end of a certain phase. How to be strong, independent and develop patience and learn to manage time and scenarios (I also learnt Blindfolded solving and despite all that I still procrastinate).
  2. Dancing helped me how to have fun and entertain the audience. But it also gave me the idea of how I could conquer my stage fright and learn to make myself comfortable on a stage. Improve confidence and become public speaker the smart way (Dancing is not my main stream thing).
  3. Whereas to public speaking, it not only helped me captivate the audience and make people laugh, it also taught me how I could use this skill to share a worthy message. Help others. Motivate people. Become a leader. (I have poor academic background by the way :3).

So this was all I could explain about my boredom. It’s a fact that every person around is bored of something. Not just me, but EVERYONE IS BORED. We just can’t keep ourselves busy or it’s maybe just we procrastinate. Not only cubing, dancing and public speaking. I’ve also learnt many minimal things like music mixing and remixing on computer. Learnt to photograph while still not owning a professional camera. Write rap lyrics. Produce music with mouth(Which is technically called Beat-boxing). Everything at an amateur level.

There are two different pathways of Boredom. One that teaches you something and takes you to places like I’ve been to, and the other that takes you to the acts like weeds, drinking, smoking and sometimes dating girls. IF not dating, texting day and night. Being in a relationship can be a skill. I value people who would actually learn from it. But if you prefer to date for the sake of pleasing yourself and passing the time, in my opinion, you are just wasting it. It may just feel soothing. I have been there too, but you would realize later that that was the time you could have used for something else that could really matter (No I haven’t dated anyone).

If you can’t deal with this sort of boredom, instead you could keep telling this to yourself everyday, “My life is simply too busy for a boyfriend/girlfriend right now… it wouldn’t be fair to him/her.” You’ll realize that it’s not that you don’t WANT to have fun playing with relationships, it’s that you simply have more important things to do.

In short understand what you need: boredom conquering you or you conquering boredom. Learn to solve a Rubik’s cube. Explore your mobile camera and learn Photography. learn to drive a car. Learn to sing. Learn to speak a language like Turkish, Arabic or Spanish. Anything!! Learn to Moonwalk. YES!! MOONWALK!! You’ll learn to know yourself. Benefit from boredom because boredom never diminishes.

Because Boredom always STRIKES BACK.

Keep evolving. Learn.

May The “BOREDOM” Be With You. *Star Wars feeling*


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