We all have come across that sort of stage where you thought and realized what you would have done before THAT particular age or time, or at least you wish you knew. Here are a list of  things I wished I knew before I turned 16.

1. Choosing what you want to do in life:
If you have come across that particular moment where your friends had laughed at you or your relatives might had poked in their noses because you decide to do something that you believed you could achieve something from, you know they brainwashed you and it got frustrating, leaving you confounded. But believe me, I loved computer stuff and my uncle wanted me to choose mechanical stream when joining college. Reason:”There are many computer/software engineers, Mechanical today has lot of scope.” Like Seriously??!!

I did not care about that shit when a true engineer happened to meet me and he said this line, “Suggestions are one or two, but choices are plenty.”

Today, I’m a college student. I chose what I like and now I found my new passion… Coding and Web designing. I just started and would love to exploring more. Not only just studies, it could possibly be anything. If you are somewhere below 16, don’t run behind other random people’s suggestions and advices if you think you’re going nowhere. Take your time to find what interests you. And if you did, learn what you can do from that. Experience it, even if you are a high-school dork. So don’t let their 5-second humor give you a second thought.

2. If You Learnt Something, You are the Master of it. Not Others:
And that’s because you experienced from what you loved doing. Couldn’t brag much about this, but if you painted a picture, you might recognize your wrongs in the sketch but people will still be amazed with how far you’ve gone. But at some point people would start judging you.

Believe me, I started speedcubing in late 2015 and I’m a sub-20 by now. Yes, everyone at my college, at my place did get astounded with my cubing skills. Then I planned to register for an official cubing event and I happened to visit Bits Pilani Hyderabad Campus. I got to meet cuber’s mostly from different states and few from France and USA. I looked like an amateur in front of them, Although I did make friends with some who were sub-10 speedcubers. See?? You get to meet people with similar interests!!!

You know what I learnt from them? Masters don’t judge the amateurs, they inspire. Because even they were at our place once. Only losers judge you.

3. Big Friend Circle does not help:
Well, you know about friend circles. When it’s time for sarcasm, party, night hangouts and random stuff, they come running saying “it’s fun because friends are life”. There are friends who walk away when you need help. There are friends who talk behind you. But Look for one who approach you even in their hardest time just for you.

Choose your friends wisely. Limit yourself. Have a balance between friendship life and
solitude life. And if you want to be like a true friend to others, Learn to give. Not always to take.

And remember – Less people, less bullshit.

4. Biggest False of Teenage life, Falling in Love:
Now don’t just scorn me for that. I know what is true and matured love. But finding a girlfriend just because everyone else are in relationships is just a waste of time. People think they are popular if they are dating.

If you find a girl who texts you day and night but howls when you don’t reply in time,
or she’s making you work like donkey bringing her roses and chocolates, that’s not love.
that’s not even relationship. You must know what is true love rather than playing with each other’s emotions to kill your midnight boredom.

5. 10th grade is not a big deal:
Just like how you’ve been studying in 8th grade, it’s been the same in 10th grade too. What mattered after 10th grade was how better or worse your results would appear comparing with those of your neighbors and family relatives. It happens in Indian families.

The scorcher burns when the results come out? First, they phone you directly (not through your parent’s mobiles). Second, while they know your results detailed because it spread quicker than you actually hollered,”Mom, my results are out!!”, they start digging for shit you don’t want to speak about.

Aaannddd, this cancerous post ends here. Cheerio!!


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