In 2007, When the very first iPhone came out, the whole world was amazed and stunned whilst Mr. Jobs held it in his hand and demonstrated every function of the device in front of the whole world. It was conceived to be the #1 Smartphone.


Everything about the phone has been fascinating, from the sensors of the proximity and accelerometer to performance just as the same as that of computers, to the camera quality and also the iPod music; everything in one hand. Years later, The Company has been also upgrading and transforming the devices specifically until the very model of iPhone 4S launched. Steve Jobs knew he had his hard work and success followed him. He had designed the “impossibles turned possible” out of a smartphone, and the world is living happily and easily with the ‘iPieces’ of tech.

Steve Jobs just wanted to make the people happy by bringing them the ease in accessibility of almost anything in the world of internet just from inside your pocket, unless it’s your iPhone in. But, After all such re-makings with the devices gradually, release after release, what new the company could have brought in iPhone 5? Just the few hardware upgrades, camera quality, thumbprint security and the biggest change you can literally point out… Dilatation of the screen size. And that was the moment I realized while I watched Tim Cook introducing the handset to the audience in 2012,”The perfect smartphone of today has forged.”

Steve Jobs once mentioned that a 3.5 inch is great for a single hand usage and one can easily touch all the corners of the screen. He never would have wanted to design phones with bigger screens so that his customers wouldn’t find difficulty while texting messages, navigation on Google maps, emails and drafts, etc.

The ‘What if’ thing.

But I wonder if Steve Jobs might have “worked closely” on iPhone 5’s design. Even if he hadn’t, then I bet he wouldn’t have criticized about the 4 inch smartphone, only if he (ever) walks out of the grave.

Matthew Panzarino also states in one of his articles in 2011:

The iPhone’s screen, at 3.5″, turns out to be nearly the peak of what is comfortable being used with one hand. Now, my opinion differs from Curtis’ is that I think a 4″ screen would actually work just fine…as long as it was no larger.

An iPhone 5 with a 4″ screen would be a nice bump in size and I don’t think that it would affect usability as much as one even a quarter of an inch bigger.

Here is the graphic representation of the average reach of thumb for each iPhone:

(left to right) iPhone 4s, 5s, 6 and 6 plus.


Not only Apple, even Samsung and other smartphone manufacturing companies do count for all this, bringing up together Elephant-hand sized devices.

Not just the display size, but the extraordinary prodigious performance and fragility of the devices also matter here. As for now, Lads, I can tell you that there are 2 types of people in the universe of Apple. The one who runs huge, battery-consuming apps like Asphalt 8 (Best graphic game I ever tried on mobile) on the iPhone 4. And the other one who is deprived of the knowledge of phone requirements and rather prefer to buy the most trending iPhone and show-off, no matter how much the latest upcoming iPhones could cost. Only similarities between an iphone 4 and iphone 6s is their blind performance (Not technically). Even after 7 years after the launch of iPhone 4, the device still runs most apps of today like a charm, And so does the high-ended iPhone 6s. So what’s the point for a non-gadgetfreak, casual mobile user who plans and takes so much effort saving up to buy the latest handset out there, but however ends up installing just Whatsapp, Instagram and other social or primary working apps? Nothing. Just Ironically speaking.

Speaking about the fragileness, iPhones of 4 and 5 models DO survive their falls when drop-tested. What about iPhone 6? I can’t answer that. You’ll have to check this on your own.


I don’t blame Apple for all this. Nor do I have criticism over their brand. But  I do appreciate the talent Steve Jobs was gifted with and the tremendous work on the softwares and hardwares he has left behind.

There’s nothing weird about newer MacBooks and iPads, though. Because the software updates are what that we crave for. I had to eventually pick up this topic just about the iPhones to bring an understanding, so that people can come to some sense of where there dumbness level has reached and what’s being manufactured in the absence the real Founder. Only if he was alive, we would have expected much more magic from him, rather than making these gigantic smartphones.

If ever Apple had to plan on some new gadgets, I would badly beg for Photography products. Besides, Their work on such mobile cameras are pretty marvelous.

Until then, cheerio.




One thought on “Why We Don’t Need New iPhones?

  1. I understand how Jobs wanted to sue the shit off of Google when Android came out, but you’d better check this:

    He said that before because Google was already an art while he was beginner of the future he had imagined. But with patience and time, he got success. And I do love his products which he designed.
    And I didn’t criticized Tim Cook. Nor did I mention anything sadistic about the showcasing of iPhone 5S by himself, which I say the best smartphone in my opinion even today. He put finishing touches on iPods and
    Macbooks while Jobs was on medical leave, and I appreciate for his stress on those also. But my topic was about the other iPhones after 5S. It doesn’t mean that I hate the newer iPhones or the CEO or the company itself. I’m just trying to explain with this blog that we’ve got everything in our smartphones that Steve Jobs worked on, so what else do you require, my dear? I hope this doesn’t give you any sentimental feelings. 😉 It’s the logic I wanted to explain. 🙂


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